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Air Quality Monitoring System


CredoSense Air Quality Monitoring System (CS-AQMS1) – the epitome of cutting-edge environmental technology. With an unbeatable blend of precision and ease-of-use, this system is set to redefine the benchmarks of air quality monitoring.



The highly accurate CSL-T0.5 loggers are uniquely designed to offer fast, accurate, and reliable temperature measurements for scientific and industrial applications. It is the most affordable feature-rich temperature logger in the market.

CSL-H2 T0.2

CSL-H2 T0.2

The brilliant combination of hardware and firmware of CSL-H2 T0.2 allows fast and accurate measurements of relative humidity and temperature for scientific and industrial applications. It guarantees the highest price-utility ratio in the market.



The exquisitely crafted CS-DL824 is a high-precision (24-bit ADC), 8-channel data logger with optional hardware support for cloud upload. It supports four CredoSense sensors and four analog sensors with options to suit customized user needs.

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Products in action

Outdoor temperature monitoring, Temperature loggers

Temperature Logger

A temperature logger (CSL-T0.5) has been deployed atop a building at University of Toronto to monitor rooftop temperatures throughout the year.

Leaf chamber for gas exchange measurement. Leaf gas flux measurement

Leaf Chamber

In Ontario, Canada, a PhD candidate is using the CredoSense Leaf Chamber (CS-LC7000) in his research to analyze the gas exchanges occurring within plant leaves.

Data Logger

A multi-channel data logger (CS-DL824) has been deployed in the nursery of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Science (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Weather Station

As part of the GreenRoof Project funded by  University of Toronto, a customized  weather station (CS-AWS-6) has been installed on a building.

Fields of application

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Research and Education

In research and education, CredoSense products advance scientific inquiry and learning. Our sensors and data loggers offer precise tools for exploring scientific phenomena. For instance, temperature and humidity loggers (CSL-H2 T0.2) monitor environmental conditions in climate studies and agriculture. The air quality monitoring system (CS-AQMS1) supports research on air pollution and environmental health. With the multi-channel data logger (CS-DL824), researchers can create custom sensor networks across disciplines. Our soil moisture sensor (CS-SM2) aids in soil science research and agriculture. Moreover, the leaf chamber (CS-LC7000) measures gasses like CO2, CH4, N2O, and O3 released and consumed by plant leaves, providing insights into the role of trees in climate change. Additionally, our automated weather station (CS-AWS-6) provides comprehensive monitoring of weather conditions, further enriching research and educational endeavors.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture relies on the continuous monitoring of microclimate conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, photosynthetically active radiation, wind speed, wind direction, and soil moisture. CredoSense provides a range of solutions tailored to different agricultural settings. For large-scale farms, our automated weather station (CS-AWS-6) offers comprehensive remote monitoring of all these parameters. Meanwhile, for smaller farms and greenhouses, our temperature logger (CSL-T0.5), temperature and humidity logger (CSL-H2 T0.2), and soil moisture logger (CS-SL-SM) are better suited. Additionally, our soil moisture sensor (CS-SM2), when coupled with the multi-channel data logger (CS-DL824), enables the creation of an extensive network of soil moisture sensors, facilitating continuous monitoring of soil water levels. This valuable information empowers farmers to proactively plan their irrigation strategies for optimal crop growth.

Environmental Monitoring

CredoSense products are designed to help monitor the environment effectively. Our automated weather station (CS-AWS-6) is crucial for keeping track of climate conditions, such as weather patterns, early warnings, and managing water resources efficiently. Additionally, our temperature loggers (CSL-T0.5) are great for monitoring temperature changes, while the temperature and relative humidity data logger (CSL-H2 T0.2) provides valuable long-term climate data. To enhance monitoring capabilities, our multi-channel data loggers (CS-DL824) allow users to create customized sensor networks. Meanwhile, our air quality monitoring system (CS-AQMS1) plays a vital role in assessing air quality in cities, ensuring workplace safety, and monitoring emissions in industrial areas and landfills.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring systems are essential for safeguarding public health in urban areas, industrial facilities, schools, and homes, ensuring compliance with regulations and guiding pollution control measures. Our air quality monitoring system (CS-AQMS1) serves as a cornerstone, providing accurate measurements of particulate matter and pollutant gasses such as CO2, NO2, CO, SO2, and others. Additionally, it also offers precise information about climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure.


CredoSense products play a pivotal role in various industries. In the pharmaceutical sector, our temperature and humidity loggers (CSL-H2 T0.2) ensure compliance with strict storage requirements, safeguarding the quality of sensitive medications and vaccines. For cold-chain monitoring during transportation of highly perishable goods, the temperature loggers (CSL-T0.5) are well-suited, allowing continuous temperature monitoring throughout the journey. Additionally, our air quality monitoring system (CS-AQMS1) enhances workplace safety by monitoring indoor air quality, detecting pollutants, and ensuring compliance with occupational health regulations. In cold storage facilities, our independent data loggers, especially the temperature logger (CSL-T0.5) and temperature and relative humidity logger (CSL-H2 T0.2), along with multi-channel data loggers (CS-DL824), can create a vast sensor network that measures temperature and humidity fluctuations, aiding in maintaining optimal storage conditions for perishable goods.

About us

CredoSense Inc. (Ltd.) strives to become a global leader in environmental sensor-logger systems by making intelligent and affordable monitoring solutions for scientific and industrial applications. It was created by a group of scientists passionate about measuring the natural environment and envision a better world by impacting education, science, and industries alike. The company emerged as a Canadian-Bangladeshi joint venture and embarked on its mission in 2019.

Customer-centric products​

CredoSense, using the User-Driven Innovation (UDI) concept, meticulously crafts sensor-logger solutions based on long-term research and extensive testing. Its innovative team has diverse academic backgrounds and uses state-of-the-art technologies to design customer-centric products. CredoSense works with its customers to offer ready-made and custom-made monitoring solutions for a broad range of environmental conditions.

Our promise​

CredoSense stands behind its inventions by providing extended warranty and 24/7 superior customer service. To complement its mission to make quality instruments accessible, CredoSense offers 5–10% discounts on all products on top of its already low price for educational institutions in developing countries, STEM education, young researchers, and small-scale farms. Please contact sales@credosense.ca for questions related to the company, products, and pricing.

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