Our Advisors

Dr. Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas is a Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is our chief scientific advisor and the guru who passed the mantra to create CredoSense Ltd. that manufactures cutting-edge and affordable scientific instruments. To make science more accessible, we teamed up as CredoSense under his meticulous direction. Dr. Thomas, as a scientist, studies global change biology in the tropics, temperate, and boreal biomes (click here for detail of his works). He is deeply passionate about music.
Md Abdul Halim (Halim)

Halim just finished his Ph.D. in micrometeorology. During Ph.D., he closely worked with Dr. Sean Thomas (his supervisor) to design cost-effective environmental monitoring systems. Halim is deeply passionate about making science more accessible by creating affordable research-grade instruments. Being nourished by the opensource resources, he is sincerely committed to creating open educational resources. At CredoSense he actively guides the R&D team sharing his knowledge. He loves foods, perfumes, movies, and badminton. Not enough? Check out his website.

Dr. Sharif A. Mukul

Dr. Sharif A. Mukul is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tropical Forests and People Research at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and a Research Assistant Professor of Earth and Environment at Florida International University (USA). Dr. Mukul published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals and books, and works on the editorial board of five international journals (i.e., Journal of Applied Ecology , Biodiversity and Conservation , Ecology and Evolution, Sustainability , Small-scale Forestry. His research has been featured in top international news outlets, including The New York Times , CNN , Smithsonian Magazine , and Mongabay.com . Dr. Mukul received his Ph.D. in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland (Australia). He is passionate about writing, both scientific and creative, photography and traveling. At CredoSense, Dr. Mukul is our scientific outreach advisor.

Dr. Rezaul Shumon

Dr. Rezaul Shumon is a Professor at the Department of Industrial Production and Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh. Rezaul is passionate about supporting current and future business leaders to respond to the emerging global challenges and opportunities through sustainable operations strategy. As you guessed, at CredoSense, he is our business advisor. He lectures and supervises on a range of topics related to sustainability, supply chain, and leadership. Rezaul’s research draws on insights from organization theory, political philosophy to explore how global organizations respond to the highly dynamic business environment while managing the complex interactions of multiple stakeholders to promote sustainability in global supply chains.