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The Soil Moisture Logger (CS-SL-SM) comprises a CSL-Series Logger (CSL-SM2) and a soil moisture sensor (CS-SM2). It is a unique product capable of measuring soil volumetric water content and storing the data locally. The CS-SL-SM is developed based on the requirements of many users of soil moisture sensors. This is the only Self-logging Soil Moisture Logger available in the market.

  • Wear-free design and engineered to last long.
  • Temperature-corrected measurements ensure high accuracy.
  • Uses high frequency (>70 Mhz) to minimize soil salinity and textural effects.
  •  Small footprint sensor.
  •  Outdoor-ready compact design.
  • Sensor accuracy: ±2.5% typical with most soils (soil solution EC < 10 dS/m). Soil-specific calibration can enhance the accuracy up to ~2%.
  • Operating temperature: –40 to +50 °C.
  • Maximum sampling rate: 60 s (software programmable to different rate).
  • Power requirement: 3 V (CR2450 battery).
  • Sensing zone: 5 cm radius (around the probe).
  • Wire length: 1 m.

Product Details

The CS-SL-SM is an affordable soil moisture logging system comprising a logger (CSL-SM2) and a soil moisture sensor (CS-SM2). The CS-SM2 measures the volumetric water content of the soil, while the CSL-SM2 stores the data locally. The CSL-SM2 can be configured using CreDock (interfaces logger with the computer) and CredoWare (freely available user interface software).

The Soil Moisture Logger (CS-SL-SM) has a small footprint and is designed to suit a wide array of applications such as irrigation scheduling, greenhouse management, watershed characterization, water balance studies, soil respiration, plant disease forecasting, hydrology, and soil health monitoring.

The CS-SM2 sensors are robust, corrosion-free, and made of industry-grade materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They offer accurate (~2.5%) soil moisture measurements as they are rigorously calibrated on a wide range of soils. Additionally, their relatively large sensing zone (~2.5 cm around the sensor) ensures they can reliably address spatial variations in soil moisture content.

To protect the CSL-SM2 logger from the dew and rainwater, a waterproof box has been used to enclose the whole system. Unlike other soil moisture sensors, the sensor of the Self-logging System is not connected to a multiple channel data logger; thus, it reduces the wiring hassles in the field during the sensor networking.

The CS-SL-SM is a hassle-free and outdoor-ready system. The CSL-SM2 logger is housed in a UV-resistant and waterproof enclosure. Its unique “one sensor per logger” concept reduces wiring hassles in a challenging environment. This configuration also reduces the chance of data loss. For example, in a traditional multi-channel setup, if the datalogger fails (e.g., power failure), the user loses data from all sensors, but with the CS-SL-SM, the user loses data from only one sensor.

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10 March, 2021
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Product Manual
19 March, 2022
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CE Certificate (CSL-Series-Loger)
29 July, 2021
CE Certificate (CS-SM2)
01 Mar, 2022
FCC Certificate (CS-SM2)
29 July, 2022

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