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Leaf Chamber

The CredoSense Leaf Chamber (CS-LC7000) is a portable and lightweight device designed for accurate and reliable measurement of photosynthetic parameters. It provides an enclosed space for measuring parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, and photosynthetically active radiation, without disturbing the leaf.

Air Quality Monitoring System

CredoSense Air Quality Monitoring System (CS-AQMS1) – the epitome of cutting-edge environmental technology. With an unbeatable blend of precision and ease-of-use, this system is set to redefine the benchmarks of air quality monitoring.

Automated Weather Station

CS-AWS-6 Weather Station: Real-time weather data, easy setup, and customization for precise forecasts. Ideal for farmers, researchers, and environmentalists.

Temperature Logger

The CSL-T0.5 temperature loggers use small footprint thermistors to offer highly accurate temperature measurements at a very affordable price compared to its market competitors.

8-Channel Data Logger

The CS-DL824 is a high-precision (24-bit ADC) and rugged data logger with hardware support for cloud upload that offers highly affordable solutions to your outdoor environmental monitoring challenges.

Temperature, Relative Humidity & Barometric Pressure Logger

A mini weather station that allows a user to monitor temperature, relative humidity (RH), and barometric pressure (BMP) simultaneously.

Reader for CSL Series Loggers

CreDock is a beautifully designed and extremely user-friendly reader for all of our CSL-Series Loggers.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger

The CSL-H2T0.2 relative humidity and temperature loggers use small footprint sensors to offer highly accurate temperature measurements at a very affordable price compared to its market competitors.

Soil Moisture Sensor

The CS-SM2 allows user to determine the amount (volume) of water stored in a soil profile or how much irrigation is required to reach a desired amount of water in the soil at a very affordable cost.

Universal Environmental Meter​

CredoSense Universal Environmental Meter (CS-UEM-04) allows connection to sensors with analog voltage or currents and SDI-12 outputs.

Self-logging Soil Moisture Sensor System

An independent soil moisture logger that can measure volumetric water content with high accuracy and store the data locally.

Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Probe

The CSP-H2 P1 T0.2 probe is designed to provide precise measurements of the ambient temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure at an affordable cost. It is perfect for battery-powered remote monitoring due to its compact and robust design and low power consumption.

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