CSP-H2 P1 T0.2

Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Probe

The CSP-H2 P1 T0.2 ups the ante on weather monitoring with an array of meticulously calibrated sensors. The probe is designed to provide precise measurements of the ambient temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure at an affordable cost. This sensor probe is perfect for battery-powered remote monitoring due to its compact and robust design and low power consumption.

  • CAN protocol for fast and robust communication (custom communications, such as I2C, are also possible; please contact sales).
  • Long-term stability and high EMC robustness of sensor elements
  • Plug and play support with CredoSense CS-DL824 data loggers
  • Supports cable length up to 100 m
  • Stainless steel enclosure and filter cap (~ 25 micron) to protect the sensing elements from harsh environments.
  • UV-protected and oil-resistant flexible cable
  • Operating range: 
    • Temperature: – 40 to + 85 °C
    • Relative humidity: 0-100%
    • Barometric pressure: 300-1200 mbar
  • Accuracy:
    • Temperature: ±0.2 °C typical and ±0.4 °C maximum
    • Relative humidity: ±2% typical and ±3% maximum (non-condensing)
    • Barometric pressure: ±1 mbar
  • Resolution:
    • Temperature: 0.01 °C
    • Relative humidity: 0.01%
    • Barometric pressure: ±0.01 mbar
  • Repeatability:
    • Temperature: ±0.1 °C
    • Relative humidity: ±0.1%
  • Required voltage: 5 V
  • Response time: 0.5 s
  • Dimensions: 14 mm X 110 mm

Product Details

The CSP-H2 P1 T0.2 uses an array of sensors to accurately (with high resolution) measure temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure of the ambient environment. Using the variables measured by these probes, other secondary weather information such as dew point, vapor pressure, heat index, mixing ratio can be easily determined. Due to its small profile and low power consumption, this sensor probe is ideal for remote monitoring (battery-powered) of environmental variables. The sensor system is housed in a robust stainless steel enclosure that offers fast, accurate, and reliable yet affordable environmental monitoring solutions even in extreme environments.

This probe has a wide range of applicable fields such as environmental monitoring, climate change study, weather forecasting solutions, precision agriculture/farming, hydrology, and greenhouse management and automation.
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30 August, 2021
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CSP-H2 P1 T0.2​

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